Windows 7 Putty SSH Access Denied Solution

Quick fix for Putty ssh client “Access Denied” hiccup on Windows 7

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Linux Movies) 8/20/11 – Windows doesn’t include an ssh client to connect to our Linux servers, so we use the open source Putty software. This software opens a terminal window where you can enter your login name and password. Windows 7 gave us a surprise, though. It was saying “Access Denied” as soon as a user name was entered, before prompting for the password.

The solution is to create a new Putty connection with GSSAPI turned off. Putty was checking for that type of encryption by default. You can’t turn that off in your saved connection. Turn off GSSAPI first in Putty’s authentication settings, that’s under Connection/SS/Auth/GSSAPI. Then create a new connection and save it.

TIP: To see the event log in order to debug a Putty session, CTRL-click on the terminal window.

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