The Perfect WordPress Configuration

Tweak WordPress to be the best HOLLYWOOD, CA (LinuxMovies) 2011/11/30 – WordPress has many options and plug-ins. Here’s a recommended configuration.

  1. Build a custom template
  2. Check Permalinks work ok when clicking through a front page link
  3. Plug-ins: Akismet, Embed Iframe, Google News Sitemap, Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons, WP Super Cache, Fix RSS Feeds, WP-Stats-Dashboard, WP to Twitter, WP YouTube Lyte, Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons, Share On Facebook
  4. WordPress Settings: Akismet, WP to Twitter, WP Super Cache, WP-Stats-Dashboard
  5. Add contact and privacy policy pages
  6. Add links in template for our Facebook and Twitter pages
  7. Add banners in template for our sponsors and affiliates
  8. Add RSS feed link
  9. Add Google Adsense ads to template and sitemap to Google Analytics
  10. Add Alexa, Compete and Quantcast

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