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Installing CentOS or RHEL 6.4 on VirtualBox

Add Linux as a virtual machine to your Windows 7 laptop without VMWare by Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2013/4/27 – CentOS is a RedHat-workalike that it very similar to RHEL without the logos. CentOS and Debian are the two of the most popular Linux distros around. VirtualBox is an open source alternative to VMWare. […]

DreamWorks Animation The Croods Tops 9,100 Linux Render-Years

HP Linux render farm used to create film The Croods, which took #1 in the box office this weekend with an estimated $44.7 million, used a powerful Linux render farm to create the film By Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2013/3/27 – The Croods took more than 9,100 computing render-years to generate images from 3-D […]

Adding a Linux Swap File for Virtual Memory

Give your Linux system more virtual memory By Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood  Today) 2012/2/27 – Sometimes you need a little more memory for programs that use a lot of memory like Firefox. It used to be you had to dedicate a separate swap partition, but now Linux virtual memory can use a file instead […]

Puppy Linux Compiler Installation

Puppy has a special procedure for installing the build tools to compile programs By Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2012/1/30 – Puppy Linux is a great small distro. It takes a little special effort to install the build tools. Installing the “devx” file in a full hard drive installation 1. Download devx package that matches […]

Lightening Ubuntu and Dropping Unity

Make Ubuntu lighter and more fun to use with a couple apt-get commands By Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2012/12/31 – Ubuntu is a popular Linux distro that many open source enthusiasts like. It’s based on Debian, but without so many rough edges. You could go instead with a Red Hat-based distro such as CentOS, […]

Installing FluxBB on Linux

FluxBB is a free open source lightweight PHP bulletin board forum By Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA (LinuxMovies) 11/7/2011 – Installing a forum on your website enables your users to post useful information. There are many open source PHP-based forums available. FluxBB is a good choice as a lightweight forum that supports MySQL, PostgresSQL or SQLite. […]

Lighten CentOS Server

A few things to remove that are unneeded on your CentOS server By Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA (LinuxMovies) 9/18/2011 – CentOS is a Redhat-based Linux that many use as a server. Here are a few things to jettison that a server doesn’t typically need. To disable X11 you could change your run level to 3 […]

Windows 7 Putty SSH Access Denied Solution

Quick fix for Putty ssh client “Access Denied” hiccup on Windows 7 By Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA (Linux Movies) 8/20/11 – Windows doesn’t include an ssh client to connect to our Linux servers, so we use the open source Putty software. This software opens a terminal window where you can enter your login name and […]

Set CentOS Server Time Zone

# cd /etc # ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles localtime # date

Installing WordPress on Linux

Quick set-up guide for installing WordPress on a virtual host By Robin Rowe HOLLYWOOD, CA (LinuxMovies) 6/26/2011 – WordPress is open source PHP and MySQL-based content publishing software. We’ll configure MySQL with wpdb as the user name and a password that isn’t actually ‘password’. We’ll name the database the same name as our website. Then […]

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